Data request

The Railway Field Laboratory consists of measurement technology and sensors permanently installed on the test track. The measurement technology continuously supplies and evaluates data from every train pass-by. The possibilities for using the railway field laboratory are numerous:

  • The data can be made available to interested parties.
  • Project partners can carry out their own project-related measurements on the test track.
  • The installation of additional measurement technology, special measurement runs, modifications to the railway system and superstructure are possible upon request, if safety and operational use are always guaranteed.

The federal government is the owner of the data and regulates its use. As a rule, the data are publicly accessible. The railway field laboratory is operated by Müller-BBM Rail Technologies GmbH on behalf of the federal government. Müller-BBM Rail Technologies GmbH also collects and manages the data.

We would be pleased to send you detailed data and to receive your enquiries.

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